How Often Should My Lawn Be Cut?

How Often Should My Lawn Be Cut?

How often your lawn should be cut depends on how fast it grows. Does that sound too simplistic or even a little tongue in cheek? Let's look at a couple of factors that come into grass growth that impacts how often it should be cut. 

1. The weather
If it's a particularly dry and hot summer, your lawn won't need to be mowed as often. If it rains more during the summer months, you can count on your grass growing quite quickly and needing to have it cut more often.

2. Desired length
If you're someone who likes to play golf on your front lawn while you enjoy your stay-cation, then you would probably enjoy having your lawn cut every few days. Most people, however, enjoy having their lawn cut either on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis depending on preference for the length of your grass. If you prefer your grass to be on the shorter side, a weekly lawn cut would be best for you. If you'd rather that your lawn doesn't get too long between cuts, risking damaging the grass, a weekly lawn cut would be your best option. 

3. The rain
Did you know that it's not good for your grass to be cut during or shortly after the rain? When it rains, the rain causes the blades of grass to bend over. If your grass is mowed during the rain, the mower won't be able to cut the blades at an even length meaning your lawn will look pretty worse for wear. It's best to wait until the blades stand up straight again and until the soil underneath the grass is no longer wet so that a mower doesn't risk pulling out the grass's roots. If it consistently rains, you may not be able to have your lawn cut at the same time each week. 

4. Your budget
Weekly lawn cutting does cost more than bi-weekly lawn cutting simply because we need to do more work more often to keep your lawn looking amazing. If you're a little tight on cash, that will affect how often you need your lawn taken care of this summer.

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