Sod & Mulch

Sod laying, fresh mulch and aggregates. We've got your yard covered.
Sod Laying

Need grass? We've got you covered! Our locally grown Kentucky Blue Grass sod combined with premium topsoil will have your yard transformed in no time.

New Lawns from $1.09 per sqft
Existing Lawns from 1.59 per sqft

Mulch Services

Add mulch to your flower beds and paths to keep the weeds at bay, retain moisture and increase visual appeal.

We offer a wide range of mulch products from Foothills Premium to Montane Garden Mulch. Book your mulch service today!

More Services
Bed/Path Edging

Define your flower beds and paths with a crisp cut edge. Our power edging service will define your yard. We also offer landscape edging services. Contact us today for more information!


Need a path or driveway defined? Looking for a no maintenance solution? We offer a wide range of aggregates as well as install services to help pave your path.